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Hearing about the tragedy in Florida and the FBI’s absolute failure to prevent it has been as heartbreaking and frustrating for me as I’m sure it has been for you. It doesn’t make sense to me that there’s talk of giving teachers guns while classes like art and music are being eliminated from curriculums across the country. I believe that giving students something they are passionate about will help prevent these horrible things from happening.

I started Studios For Schools to give students the chance to fall in love with something like I did, to give them at least the chance to be exposed to this amazing ability that humans created, the ability to record and manipulate sound. As much as it pains me to give this government any money, I am $600 away from being able to turn in the application for make Studios For Schools a legitimate tax exempt 501(c)(3) entity. I have pins and bags that I want to give to anyone who will help me reach this goal.

If anyone feels like supporting this cause, please PayPal as much as you want to Make sure you pay using the Friends and Family GIFT option to avoid thePayPal fees. Please include your shipping address and I will send you a pin, a button and a bag and thanks for supporting Studios For Schools.

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