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Burger Records Starter Pack

This auction is for a Burger Records Fan Starter Pack. Thanks Sean! All proceeds go to the Studios For Schools Foundation. Click HERE to go to eBay auction page. Pack includes:

Enjoy “Another For Joy” LP TEST PRESSING

Puzzle “Soaring” LP TEST PRESSING

The Wizards “Purple Magic” LP

Seth Bogart LP

The Commons “Psychedelic Cumbia Punk” EP

Burger Records headphones by Escuche

OCF Mixtape #3

Urban Outfitters Mixtape 4

The Smoking Trees Tape

Bleached “Welcome The Worms” Tape

Laure Briard “Revelation” Tape

Margo Guryan “27 Demos” Tape

Curtis Harding “Soul Power” CD

The Aquadolls “Stoked On You” CD

Danny James Co. “Pear” CD

Peach Kelli Pop S/T CD

Weiner Records Tote Bag

Stickers and buttons

IMG_4744 IMG_4746 IMG_4747 IMG_4750 IMG_4752 IMG_4836

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